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Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel

Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel

Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel
Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Luhang
Certification: CCS,BV,LR
Model Number: LH-8
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Packaging Details: Pallet
Delivery Time: within 15days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 300pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Mixed Rubber With Natural Rubber And Carbon Color: Black
Size: Customer's Ruquirement Product Name: Marine Rubber Airbags For Launching And Docking Ships
Usage: Ship Launching,ship Rubber Marine Salvage Lift Bags Packing: Pallet
Lifespan: 8~10 Years Certification: CCS,ABS,BV,LR
Working Pressure: 0.05MPa-0.25MPa Warranty: 2 Years
High Light:

Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag


Salvage Sunk Marine Rubber Airbag


Re Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel

Marine airbags are found to be powerful and versatile tools for many marine projects such as disembarking ships, heavy transportation, re-floating salvage etc. But how to select suitable marine airbags for a specific project? Let us see suggestions from a professional marine airbags manufacturer and engineering company.
1.High bearing capacity
An equal ability to an inflatable rubber bag marine high quality of ability is the main targets, CB/T 3795 - 1996 "the ship and water in the bag under professor of international standard specifies the document's the pressure of work demands and all kinds of pressure in rates per meter high indicators in production. our factory's new generation of the rubber bag with the use of the new recipes and high tension enhance its ability to fibers carry more than double standards of the above, this means that using' JINZHENG" marine rubber airbag with ships, the water to proper work to reduce the number's only and security increased reliability.
2. High resistance to knead ability
Airbag in the low, he is the bottom of extrusion, due to the ground and the inhomogeneity of the scrolling speed, air, this will generate torsional deformation by extrusion and produce the phenomenon with torsional deformation can rub "movement" to describe the pressure When the airbag kneading pressure produced when the air movement and local bursa wall will produce ruffled, ruffled, under the action of stress concentration of the reinforced fiber multi-layer structure of layered tear easily bursa wall, the fiber bursa wall broken and the air caused by the burst We developed a new generation of balloon from rubber formulation and process improvements, two improved structure of tensile strength, high resistance to knead
pressure 2.
3.The new structure design of accounts attné'end
Air pressure increase, gasbag ends with the rubber iron castings produced the likelihood of urban-rural discouraged has also increase do After repeated use, once the air leakage phenomenon of produce high pressure, in the end, bursts easily o The water in the air crash, some production quality is not high, the balloon fly out of the wound phenomenon has several, be worth us to improve our vigilance.In order to adapt to the requirement of high pressure in side the seal, we adopted at the end of the new structure design, accounts for the clouds don't iron and sealing, bonding strength of the use of pressure increase, use not happen discouraged phenomenon. To eliminate the safe hidden trouble
4.Optimization of structural layout
The layout structure optimization principle is the. process of working in the air of the first magnitude and direction to determine each layer, then adjust the Angle, cord in each layer to bursa wall force. general equilibrium cord. enhance the efficiency of the fiber get maximum play. Therefore, we established the inflatable rubber.airbag models, the intensity of compression test The study of air compression rolling process, the principal stress in bursa wall and the direction of the size of the variation of the optimal design. layout cord b. The new design optimization of the structure and layout of blasting test and actual use by proof is very successful
5. Durable anti- -aging abilities and wear characteristics
Durable the protests of the old and tough nature of the marine the bag in very bad environment, the work of the sun, you may contact the sea and sand and all kinds of pollution. air bags on the surface must be tough with the flow of water and chemical substances and erosion resistance is capability. " high kanamasa high marine rubber bag of the basic use of natural rubber as the main raw materials, it is reasonable, for adding adjuvant material, the experiment proves that along time to the resistance is capability and abrasion resistance
6.Higher flexibility and shock absorption ability
More flexibility and shock absorption capacity "kanamasa"rubber bag inflated with a marine adopt unique craft of making the wound and "at a long time' sulfur. its full the thickness, there is no uniform set up by the two joints. therefore the same intensity, "an inflatable rubber bag kanamasa type could be more thin, soft and elastic. it is on the scroll, and the contact pressure will be more small and even, and have a higher Shock absorption capacity when the ground sloped in case of change or uneven, the softness of flexibility to eliminate structural stress and lower the risk
Marine airbag's specifications

Some normal sizes of our Marine Rubber Airbag, customized sizes are also available
Diameter(m)Effective Length(m)LayerPressure(MPa)

Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel 0Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbag Re-Floating Salvage Sunk Vessel 1

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