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3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy

3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy

  • 3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy
  • 3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy
  • 3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy
  • 3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy
3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LUHANG
Certification: CCS,BV,LR,DNV,SGS,ABS
Model Number: LH-7
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: pallet
Delivery Time: 8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Lifespan: 6-10 Years Warranty: 24 Months
Application: Marine Salvage Pontoon Standard: ISO 17357
Size: D2.5m X EL14m X 7layers Layers: 3-10 Layers
Certification: V-TRUST
High Light:

marine salvage air lift bags


underwater salvage air lift bags

D2.5m x EL14m x 7layers Floating Buoyancy Marine Salvage Airbags


Marine Airbags for Ship Launching/Ship Pulling/Salvage


Ship launching using marine airbags is a very popular vessel launching method. It overcomes the shortcomings of the fixed launching track, which limits the productive capability of the small and medium sized shipyards. Now it has become a Flexible Launching Technology, having the merits of time and labor saving, flexibility, reliability and safety in operation and comprehensive economic benefits etc.

  • Saving the investment of shipyard construction
  • Simple operation, saving of labor and work hours
  • Environment friendly

After years of practice and accumulation of experience, we have developed the technology from launching only 1,000 DWT ships to current 100,000 DWT ships and we will achieve more. And now this technology has become a flexible, promising, secure and mature technology. Besides that, these airbags are widely used in slipping of ships and boats of all sizes.


How It Works Using Marine Airbags for Ship Launching and Pulling


1. Place airbags under the vessel between the supporting blocks and inflate them to lift the vessel. And then remove the blocks under the vessel after lifted.

For the light weight vessel, only several pieces airbags can fully lift the vessel at one time and then remove the blocks and place more airbags for launching.

For the big weight vessel, it will be lifted step by step. First put the airbags under the vessel. Second: Pump part airbags, if vessel is lifted from blocks then remove blocks. The sequence of block removal is middle first then sides. Third: Adjust inflated airbags’ position to be accurate since during lifting some airbags’ positions are hampered by blocks. Fourth: Pump more airbags to continue release blocks and remove them. Fifth: Repeat pumping and remove until all blocks are removed. During this process some blocks may be difficult to be released, people may pump airbags’ pressure to be high pressure. If high pressure still doesn’t work, people may deflate some groups of airbags and underlay them. Sixth: When all blocks are removed adjust airbags’ position. Seventh: Adjust pressures of airbags.

2. Adjust airbags’ pressures. Check all airbags’ working height, especially airbags at bow, if working heights are less than 0.3 m then people should adjust the airbag’s pressure to increase its working height.

3. Block launching area and prepare good communication for the launch command.

4. When water level reach desired level, cut off pulling ropes and release the vessel. If the launching water area is limited, people may use winch to release the vessel slowly into the water.

5. Reclaim airbags after launch.

Do not be misled by suppliers who supply old re-used rubber, weak

cords with lower number of true layers and more. Top quality Marine Airbags can be used up to 9 years, and in the long run, actually helps you save more!


Why Choose LUHANG Marine Airbags

  • 2 or 3-strand cords with great tensile strength
  • High quality rubber raw material
  • Superb quality and above average thickness for rubber layers
  • Strictly comply to the standard of ISO 14409:2001 (E) Ships and marine technology – Ship launching air bags

Marine Airbag Repair and Maintenance


Marine airbags can be used repeatedly; the correct using method and reasonable storage could extend the using life of them.


Top Notice for the Usage of Marine Airbags

☆ Control the pneumatic pressure strictly, do not exceed the upper limit value of work pressure in any case.

☆ The surface of marine airbags should not be contacted with hard & sharp objects like sharp metal plates, big stones etc. to avoid unnecessary puncturing damage.

☆ In case of short distance transportation, the marine airbags should be moved by rolling under pneumatic condition or by lifting under natural condition and strictly prohibit dragging on the ground.

☆ For long distance transportation, the marine airbags should be folded and fastened into a package.



When a marine airbag unused for a long time it should be washed and dried, covered and filling up with talcum powder, then put it in a dry, shade and ventilated place, keep away from sources of ignition.



  • Cleaning and washing the surface of marine airbag
  • Paste tyre cord fabric with crude rubber
  • Thermal vulcanization
  • Inspect repair place whether pasting densely, it is not allowed to exist such defects as bubbles, delaminating inside of the airbag.

For more details about how to repair and maintain marine airbags please contact our technical department for support.

We LUHANG possess professional technical research team to offer specific technical support to our clients especially for large ship launching projects.



 LUHANG Marine Rubber Airbag Working pressure


type D=0.8m D=1.0m D=1.2m D=1.5m D=1.8m D=2.0
3layers 0.13MPa 0.10MPa 0.09MPa 0.07MPa 0.06MPa 0.05MPa
4layers 0.17MPa 0.13MPa 0.11MPa 0.09MPa 0.08MPa 0.07MPa
5layers 0.21MPa 0.17MPa 0.14MPa 0.11MPa 0.09MPa 0.08MPa
6layers 0.25MPa 0.20MPa 0.17MPa 0.13MPa 0.11MPa 0.10MPa
7layers 0.29MPa 0.23MPa 0.20MPa 0.15MPa 0.13MPa 0.12MPa
8layers 0.33MPa 0.26MPa 0.23MPa 0.17MPa 0.15MPa 0.14MPa



LUHANG Marine Rubber Airbags Advantages

  • High precision engineering using 2 or 3 -strand cords with great tensile strength.
  • Made from NEW industry leading quality rubber.
  • Assurance of true number of layers.
  • High-performance quality and above-industry-standard layer thickness.
  • Quality detailing jobs, Ex: air valve length, ends’ extra layering, tighter connection with minimal failure etc. These areas are often neglected but extremely important to ensure your safety and maximise your return by prolonging useful life.

3-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy 03-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy 13-10 Layers Marine Salvage Airbags Flexible Launching High Floating Buoyancy 2

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